Shooting Flat Lays

"Flatlay" is a relatively new term that is used to refer to shots that are shot from straight over your subject. In the studio photographers have been calling them "laydowns" for who knows how long. Well, whatever you want to call them, they are sometimes tricker than you would think. I have seen some people struggle because you really need to lean over the set pretty far to get directly overhead. (It usually ends up looking like a warrior 3 pose) If you are shooting bugs, it's no big deal but if you need to shoot a large area, you are going to need some additional equipment or go go gadget arms. Take a look at the image on the left. This is typically what I use to get the job done. I also always shoot tethered to my computer so that I don't need to look threw the viewfinder. The resulting image is on the right. "Look Mom No Hands" and my back is so grateful.


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