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Karina C.

"Our experience with Julie Benedetto Photography for photos showcasing our company's office centers in New York has been exceptional. While working on a new website and marketing materials, we found and reached out to Julie to help us complete our project. Her professionalism was immediately apparent, and her abilities in lighting, editing, and framing helped us get the exact pictures we required.

During this process, she provided regular updates and samples so that we could pick the direction in which we wanted to take the images. She made the project easy, which allowed us to stop worrying and get back to business.

We can't recommend Julie Benedetto Photography enough, and plan on using her for future photography projects."

Alice B.

"Julie really knows her stuff. She has a great eye for design and color and is an expert at setting up a set. What I first noticed is how she works; she first assesses the scope project, what the company has been doing and immediately she has a vision for the future. She will have no problem telling you what she feels is not working in your current photo representation and how it represents your brand. Within this advice she will help you come up with a plan that works and it really does! The photographs that Julie took for us are informative, visually current and stylish! Most importantly they were used on our social media with great results.
It is hard to find someone like Julie. Her portfolio speaks for itself."

Wendy N.

“If I could give Julie a 10-star rating I would because she is truly the best photographer out there. Her website of stunning photographs reflects the phenomenal work she does. THANK YOU JULIE!!!“


“Julie is an amazing photographer with extraordinary gifts that'll bring your product alive to the world!!”

Francine M.

“Julie runs a very professional studio. It's a pleasure to work there. She is a true creative and problem solver. Here staff are especially supportive.”

Corinna M.

“We highly recommend Julie Benedetto Photography LLC. The pictures were amazing and the experience was very fun. The photos have brought more business, and have been featured in magazine articles.”

Jack G.

“The absolute best! I loveeeeee Julie! She takes stunning photographs and is extremely knowledgeable. You will be very happy with her work.”